What will the PSIPAD do?

What's up PSI FAM? We've pulled together the development update we know you've all been waiting for!!

In this update, we explain the benefits and unique points of the PSIPAD, along with details on our future long-term plans with the platform. As promised hereby the explanation with more specifications about the PSIPAD and what’s planned for the future of it.

What is the PSIPAD?

The PSIPAD is a presale platform that enables cryptocurrency project creators to safely launch new projects.

Within the PSIPAD project creators can create the token, sell it as part of a presale and lock their tokens. This makes it fast and simple to launch a new project, all in one place. Project creators will also benefit greatly with our large group of connections that will help kickstart a successful project.

It is very exciting to be able to launch such a unique launchpad on the Binance Smart Chain. We have built the platform from scratch to ensure we have the ability to add features that we believe greatly improve the experience for both project creators and investors.

So what can you do on the PSIPAD?

The PSIPAD provides an option to create a token on the spot while you are launching your project. This makes it much easier for non-crypto businesses to create a token to fund their innovative ideas and concepts.

We are providing a fully detailed launch platform where it is possible to easily decide options such as soft cap, hard cap, liquidity lock time, percentage of allocation in addition to many other options that have never been seen before on a launchpad site.

Before launching a project it is possible to provide additional information that makes your presale more attractive.

We offer a KYC program that will allow you to identify yourself as a known developer. You are able to KYC and still stay anonymous as a developer, with your details only being held for potential law enforcement purposes and not shared with the wider community. This should deter many bad actors within the space and help heavily reduce the number of rug pulls on the PSIPAD. We would always encourage developers to go public where possible, however our option of providing KYC services for anonymous devs is a huge opportunity for project creators from countries that have anti-crypto regulations.

To build more trust with your potential investors, we are offering a contract auditing service. We have partnered with several audit companies to provide this service and you can request an audit prior to launching the presale. Consensus (creators of Metamask and our legal partner) are one of the companies providing this audit service and we have others that will also be announced at launch. By auditing your contracts and going through KYC verification, it makes investing in your project a lot more appealing.

Choose your extension?

Using the PSIPAD, it's possible to select your exchange listing, your audit company, and whether or not you have been KYC verified.

I'm order to provide these services, PSI has partnered with several companies. These partners will take the entire PSI ecosystem to a brand new level and allow us to create new and innovative services. These partners will make it possible for PSI to extend their proof of work and really show what PSI is worth.

We have created strong partnerships with companies that can offer development, marketing, legal and listing services. This will help catapult projects that launch on the PSIPAD.

Get your score?

The PSI team will continually review your project after it's initial launch on the PSIPAD to ensure that details are kept up to date for the public.

Crypto tech is very innovative but with every new platform, there's a new opportunity for scammers to abuse the system. We have seen the sheer volume of scammers currently using other presale platforms and we would like to remove all opportunities that the scammers may have.

To help users find trusted projects, each will be given a score based on the results of the audit, KYC verification, smart contract safety and other relevant identifiers.

This score wouldn't be a guarantee of a successful project at presale stage, but is to be used as an indicator which investors can use to make their own informed decisions.


The PSIPAD provides a one of a kind user experience for both investors and developers. The ability to leverage trust indicators (such as KYC and audits) as part of the presale platform will bring a brand new down of legitimacy to presales on the Binance Smart Chain.

We have longer term ambitions regarding using the launchpad to launch presales on other chains, but our alpha release is focused primarily on the BSC.

Under this update, we have provided all the information about our launch plans for the PSIPAD.


PSI has secured several partnerships to ensure that those launching on the PSIPAD get the best possible chance of success. We will be looking to expand this list over time, but at launch we are working with the following companies:

- Consensys
Audits, due diligence and legal

- Berg Media
Project development & marketing staff

- BR Group
Market making & exchange listings

- Coinsbit
Direct partnership to allow fast listing and competitive pricing on their exchange

More details about our partners:

BR Group:

BR Group helps projects list on multiple exchanges following their launch on the PSIPAD. This includes exchanges such as Huobi, MXC, Bitmax, Kucoin, Bittrex and many more.

We have worked with BR Group to secure one of the most competitive prices for market making. Many other service providers heavily inflate this cost and it can be hard to find a cost-effective market maker.

Using our partnership with BR Group we aim to give projects a fair listing price to enable them to launch and stay financially healthy during the initial listing phase.

Berg Media:

Berg Media are a full-stack digital agency that specializes in digital transformation. This allows us to offer a wide range of marketing, design and development services to those launching on the PSIPAD.

The team at Berg Media are experienced in blockchain technology and can create traditional websites, mobile applications or blockchain specific technology to help support your project.

In addition, they have years of digital marketing experience which they have used to develop a variety of marketing packages designed to improve brand awareness and support your project. By utilising the team of consultants at Berg Media, you are able to ensure you stay ahead of the pack, using tried & tested techniques to improve your marketing while you focus on the development and engagement with your existing community.

Berg Media has over a hundred staff members and are able to quickly work with those launching on the PSIPAD to ensure that they have marketing materials ready and are on hand to help with blockchain development to ensure they hit roadmap deadlines.

Our partnership with Berg Media doesn’t stop with the PSIPAD and we are excited to tell you more soon.


We have partnered with Consensys to provide high quality audits for projects launching with our PSIPAD. This due diligence partnership gives more transparency on our platform, allowing investors to quickly and easily see which projects have been audited and the results of these audits.

This also gives project creators the opportunity to fix any issues prior to launching and also reduces FUD where people ask for audits after launch and try to pick holes in contracts.

The partnership with Consensys provides additional growth opportunities for the PSI Ecosystem as a whole and is not limited to just the PSIPAD. More details to follow.


Our partnership with Coinsbit allows projects to list on their exchange for a reduced fee.

Coinsbit is listed in the top 30 exchanges on CoinGecko and handles over $600m in volume per day. This gives projects an opportunity to be visible to a much wider audience.

What are the benefits for launching on the PSIPAD?

The PSIPAD is truly unique as we focus on promoting projects that are transparent and safe. We are creating a scoring system for those launching on the PSIPAD to help differentiate the malicious contracts from the legitimate projects.

By performing KYC and auditing your project before launch, you are able to increase the credibility of your project. This makes your project more enticing to investors and will help your project hit its funding goals.

The PSIPAD will become a hub where you can check the legitimacy of projects, and each project will have a profile where they can upload their details. This profile will then be ranked on our scoreboard which lists projects based on a ‘Trust Score’. Our Trust Score algorithm will allow us to create a scoreboard where people are competing to be as transparent and trustworthy as possible. Through the KYC verification, it will be very difficult for project creators to deliberately rug as we will have the ability to contact law enforcement and build a fraud case against them. This deterrent should help promote interesting and legitimate projects on our scoreboard with trusted projects being promoted to the top.

For non-crypto businesses who want to get started on the blockchain, we offer a selection of basic token templates that you can use and adjust to your own wishes. This section will continue to be extended to allow non crypto companies to benefit from advances in cryptocurrency developments.

What are the benefits for investors?

Our goal is to make the PSIPAD an exclusive launchpad where the majority of projects launched are high quality and see a great level of success and increase in value from initial launch.

The PSI team will help mentor and lead projects to a successful launch (as seen by the $ORT launch). ORT was a fully non-crypto business that launched their own token on the blockchain and reached an ATH marketcap of $22m.

PSI offers many services for projects who are looking to expand following their initial launch. This can be anything from developing a project to building an entire website or providing team members.

All these additional options will benefit the investor as they have more security that a product is being developed and overseen by a trusted team.

What are the benefits for PSI holders?

This has been the most asked question over the last couple of months. We want our PSI holders to be rewarded from the launch of our PSIPAD. This is the first major revenue generator for the PSI Ecosystem and we are ensuring that our PSI holders are the ones who will benefit the most from the platform.

For those wondering, the benefits for PSI holders include:

- An early entry to presales based on their PSI holdings. The exact amount of PSI required will be revealed when our PSIPAD goes live. a graph

- All PSI holders receive a fraction of the launch fee in PSI. This fee comes from every presale held on the PSIPAD and will be reflected to our buyback function which buys back PSI and shares this with all our holders.

- The token creation will also ask a small fee for the creation of the smart contract. This will be to cover the gas fee that's required to deploy smart contracts to the Blockchain. A fraction of this fee will be shared with PSI holders.

- Token Lock will additionally ask a small fee and again PSI holders will receive fees from this.

We hope this medium article gives you more insight about the functions and possibilities of the PSIPAD.

We are very excited to release the Alpha version of the PSIPAD on...

Launch date test net: 24-07-2021

Time: TBA