🏆PSI Awareness Bounty Program🏆

😊 Hey guys, we will be launching an Awareness Bounty Program to spread more awareness about Passive Income upcoming products and benefits. The goal is to this way inform more investors about Passive Income and increase the engagement on our content and on our social media platforms.

⌛️When will the bounty program start?
🗓 Start date: 08/06/2021
🗓 End date: 22/06/2021–23:59 CET
🥁 Results will be announced: 27/06/2021

🏆 Prizes:

🏅1st Place: 4 PSI
🏅2nd Place: 2,5 PSI
🏅3rd Place: 2 PSI
🏅4th Place: 1 PSI
🏅5th place: 0.5 PSI

📒✔️✍️ Goal:

The goal is to obtain as many points as possible (see the table attached) and noting down all the details in the google form before the end of the Bounty Program.
We do not want you to go in different chats and shill PSI we would like you to show people the value of the concept and how it can relate to real world use cases.

📜 Rules:

▪️ Be Unique, this means do not just spam Passive Income hashtags in the responses and do not copy paste earlier tweets.
▪️ Person with most points will win. The content will be evaluated by us and be announced the 27th of June.
▪️ Try to use relevant hashtags. Check out the Trending hashtags which relate to Passive Income and use those. Also use the #passiveincomepsi tag in every comment/post.
▪️ Post the links/screenshots of your posts in the google doc with a link where you did it.

📝 Link to the google form:


🧐 For content check out the following links:

✨ Meme’s: