Passive.income (PSI) — Pre-sale!


Date: 2020.12.30

Time: 21:00 UTC

Pre Sale rate: 1 ETH : 50 PSI

Pre-sale link:

What is Passive.Income?

Passive.Income is a project where you earn income by holding tokens in your wallet. You earn a percentage of the transaction fees that are done on the network. When TX are done you earn income.

Besides that we give the token lots of utility and integrate real life world use cases, this will stimulate trading.

Shortly we also will share our roadmap where you can see all of our plans on integrating passive income on various markets. Stay tuned because things will get really interesting.

Our thought on mainstream and crypto:

We believe that everyone should be able to enter cryptocurrencies and earn by doing it without any hindrance or limitations. We believe it should be natural and logical.

Our mission is to bring crypto and earning in crypto to mainstream. We believe everyone should be able to achieve this.

We will focus on ecosystem developments that will bring most value for all our stakeholders. In our view our stakeholders give the project incentive to exist, so we respect these norms and values.

Our Strategy:

More details about the roadmap will be provided on medium soon. This roadmap overview gives a first impression on our future plans in regards to developing features.

Our Vision

The pyramid contains our project longer term strategy. It illustrates our mission, in which segments we want to operate, what products we want to develop and in what markets we want to operate.

We have big plans in regards to expanding on passive income, as can be seen in the pyramid.

Our upcoming whitepaper give more details on our concept and products.

Our team:

The projects lead developer is Bjorn. Bjorn initiated this project and concepts. During his career and time in cryptospace he got to know lots of people. He shared his ideas and believes and involved others. Bjorn soon will fully KYC to ensure his credibility and trustability towards investors and other stakeholders.


Total Supply: 50.000

Pre-Sale: 36.6%

UNIswap: 29.3%

Blackhole: 1%

Development: 10%

Development tokens will be distributed starting from the 7th month after presale. The amount will be 150 tokens every month for 30 months.

Initially we will receive a starting budget of 490 tokens to support development activities.

Marketing: 6,2%

Marketing tokens will be distributed starting from the 7th month after presale.

The amount will be 105 tokens every month for 30 months to support marketing activities.

Airdrop for holders on a yet to be determined date: 5%

Airdrop by liquidity mining: 5%

Airdrop first presale buyers: 6,9%




WEBSITE (Under construction):