Passive.Income Income (INC) token

With the launch of Passive Incomes own decentralized exchange PSIDEX we introduced the Income (INC) token.


  • 12.120.000 initial supply, 1 BNB = 4800 INC
  • 1.600.000 token sale
  • 320.000 Bonus
  • 800.000 liquidity
  • 100.000 airdrop to PSI holders currently on bsc chain
  • 200.000 airdrop to PSIDEX users after a while
  • 100.000 airdrop for marketing purposes
  • 9.000.000 left for farms

The Income (INC) token will have the following goals:
1) Governance utility
2) Attracting liquidity for our decentralized exchange (PSIDEX)

1) Governance utility:
Passive.Income Income (INC) token will get governance utility, this means the Passive.Income projects future direction can be influenced by investors with the Income (INC) token. Governance can be done on the Passive Income ecosystem as a whole, on features but also on fee rates and commissions.

Proposals for governance can be made by the project team to vote on by investors but investors themselves can also make proposals to vote on.
Passive Incomes contracts are designed to support this governance and flexibility at a early stage to encourage investor and community commitment, giving the community and investors influence in the Passive.Income projects policy.

To begin Passive Income itself will create the following proposals to put for a vote:

  • Farmers earnings
    Creating farms and decide tokens into it (minting)
  • Tradefee on PSIDEX
    minimum 0.1% maximum 0.5%
  • Burnpercentage (on transfers)
    minimum 0.5% maximum 3%

Governing the Passive Income ecosystem consists of the following steps:

  • Creating a proposal
    The first step in Passive Incomes governance platform is to create a proposal. Every community member can create a proposal to put for a vote but only investors that own the Income (INC) token in their wallet can vote on proposals.
  • Voting threshold
    The second step in Passive Incomes governance platform is the voting threshold. The voting threshold is a minimum amount for making a proposal egliable to put for a vote. If the voting threshold is not reached the vote will be declined and will not become active. If the voting threshold is reached the proposal will become active and voting is possible by all investors that own the Income (INC) token. The more (INC) tokens you as a investor own the more voting power you have.
  • Threshold for making a vote valid
    After a proposal passes the voting treshold all investors can vote with their Income (INC) tokens. A parameter in the governance system is the amount of votes to make a vote valid. The amount for making a vote valid will be determined based on the impact of the proposal on the ecosystem as a whole or for individual features.

2) Attracting liquidity for our decentralized exchange (PSIDEX)

Besides governing the Passive Income ecosystem the Income (INC) token is used to attract liquidity for our newly launched PSIDEX and enabling farming the Income (INC) token by putting liquidity.

Initially our decentralized exchange PSIDEX will use a fallback router because liquidity is needed to make PSIDEX self sufficient and independent. No liquidity means no trade. Therefore Passive Income has created the Income (INC) token. The Income (INC) token will be used to collect LP tokens for the PSIDEX router, our own router. The following pairs have been whitelisted and can be put liquidity for:

  • INC-BNB 25x 1.406.250 tokens
  • PSI-BNB 25x 1.406.250 tokens
  • PSI-INC 40x 2.250.000 tokens
  • INC-BUSD 10x 562.500 tokens
  • BUSD-BNB 1x 56250 tokens
  • USDT-BNB 1x 56250 tokens
  • DAI-BNB 1x 56250 tokens
  • LINK-BNB 2x 112.500 tokens
  • ETH-BNB 2x 112.500 tokens
  • DOT-BNB 2x 112.500 tokens
  • SUSHI-BNB 2x 112.500 tokens
  • ADA-BNB 2x 112.500 tokens
  • ATOM-BNB 2x 112.500 tokens
  • JUL-BNB 5x 281.250 tokens
  • CAKE-BNB 5x 281.250 tokens
  • AUTO-BNB 5x 281.250 tokens
  • BIFI-BNB 5x 281.250 tokens
  • HELMET-BNB 5x 281.250 tokens
  • FUEL-BNB 5x 281.250 tokens
  • BRY-BNB 5x 281.250 tokens
  • LINA-BNB 5x 281.250 tokens
  • SAFEMOON-BNB 5x 281.250 tokens