As the PSIPAD launch approaches, we wanted to inform the community about the current status of our upcoming products.


A few weeks ago we initiated the audit of the PSIPAD with Solidity Finance. Their estimation was that it should be done within 15 days. Using their estimation, the audit should have been fully completed this week. They reached out to us recently and mentioned that they had a small delay, with the audit now expected to be completed by the start of next week. We will launch the PSIPAD and commence marketing once the audit has been completed.



What will the PSIPAD do?

What's up PSI FAM? We've pulled together the development update we know you've all been waiting for!!

In this update, we explain the benefits and unique points of the PSIPAD, along with details on our future long-term plans with the platform. As promised hereby the explanation with more specifications about the PSIPAD and what’s planned for the future of it.

What is the PSIPAD?

The PSIPAD is a presale platform that enables cryptocurrency project creators to safely launch new projects.

Within the PSIPAD project creators can create the token, sell it…

We’ve made some huge progress behind the scenes at Passive Income and we feel it’s time to give a small recap of what we have achieved over the last few weeks, along with giving you a small insight to the future.

✍🏻 What’s happened over the last weeks?

1️⃣ 𝙋𝙎𝙄𝘾𝘼𝙈𝙋 ⛺️ new income stream announced 🏞

At PSI we aim to expand our business into different sectors to ensure consistent streams of passive income, no matter what the crypto market is looking like. …

😊 Hey guys, we will be launching an Awareness Bounty Program to spread more awareness about Passive Income upcoming products and benefits. The goal is to this way inform more investors about Passive Income and increase the engagement on our content and on our social media platforms.

⌛️When will the bounty program start?
🗓 Start date: 08/06/2021
🗓 End date: 22/06/2021–23:59 CET
🥁 Results will be announced: 27/06/2021

🏆 Prizes:

🏅1st Place: 4 PSI
🏅2nd Place: 2,5 PSI
🏅3rd Place: 2 PSI
🏅4th Place: 1 PSI
🏅5th place: 0.5 PSI

📒✔️✍️ Goal:

The goal is to obtain as many points…

Passive.Income Income (INC) token

With the launch of Passive Incomes own decentralized exchange PSIDEX we introduced the Income (INC) token.


  • 12.120.000 initial supply, 1 BNB = 4800 INC
  • 1.600.000 token sale
  • 320.000 Bonus
  • 800.000 liquidity
  • 100.000 airdrop to PSI holders currently on bsc chain
  • 200.000 airdrop to PSIDEX users after a while
  • 100.000 airdrop for marketing purposes
  • 9.000.000 left for farms

The Income (INC) token will have the following goals:
1) Governance utility
2) Attracting liquidity for our decentralized exchange (PSIDEX)

1) Governance utility:
Passive.Income Income (INC) token will get governance utility, this means the Passive.Income projects future direction can be influenced by investors with…

As you all may know, PSI has partnered with Ferrum Network to bring staking to its investors. Staking is a process in which you lock up your tokens in return for interest. This partnership will allow PSI investors to lock away their funds for a time frame and in return receive more PSI as a reward.

The Basics

Lets start with the basics so you can understand the process and get the details needed to get you started with Ferrum Network staking.


PSI staking on the Ferrum network will open on the 2nd of April 2021 9.00PM …


I want to thank you for believing in PSI, it’s capabilities and our long term vision. Our development team has been incredibly busy over the last couple of months as we are incredibly happy to present what we have been working on.

We are releasing several different products this week including:

▪️ Ferrum LP Staking
▪️ Partnership with
▪️ Due Dilligence Partnership with Consensys
▪️ Our New Service: NAAS

In addition to the above, we will be announcing a HUGE Marketing Partnership to help our vision of PSI reach the masses.


⌛️ ( Partnership Announcement ⌛️

✅ Passive Income has partnered with Degenerate Money to create a new NFT Collection⚡️

DEGENR we’ll be hosting Passive Income(PSI) on their NFT farms.

🕹 $PSI holders can farm NFT’s exclusive to this collaboration only

▪️Collect Points
▪️Swap Points for NFT’s

💰 Head to the PSI-DEGENR farm here:

🏷 Website:
🏷 ( Coingecko:
🏷 Telegram:

🧨 We Can Do This 🧨

Hello to everyone in our great community, this is the first of our planned monthly community updates. Transparency and communication is something the team here at PSI are striving for and we would like to start making regular, detailed progress reports to give to our investors. Over the past couple of months we have noticed an amazing, organic growth in our community. We have a strong foundation of excellent investors who regularly contribute to the development and progression of the project, helping newcomers to get started and answering every question with integrity. …

Who are we?

The projects lead developer is Bjorn. Bjorn initiated this project and concepts. During his career and time in cryptospace he got to know lots of people. He shared his ideas and believes and involved others. Bjorn soon will fully KYC to ensure his credibility and trustability towards investors and other stakeholders.

We decided to remain sub anonymous for some reasons. First, a few of us have separate day jobs and other projects and wanted to keep everything separate.

Plus, if we were public-facing, we’d have to apply for a securities license and have every potential presale investor KYC’d. Then, those…

Passive Income PSI

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